NBC 5 Responds When Internet Rate Increases For Customer

There's always a company out there wanting you to switch to their services. Whether cellphones, a power company, or cable and internet company.

They offer great deals to do it, but you have to pay close attention to the offer.

In Trophy Club, Roger Saddy's newer neighborhood only has cables underground from one company, AT&T. They are his only option for cable TV and internet services. Still, they offered him a great deal when he moved in and connected service.

Saddy recalls a quote of $60 a month, for life.

But Saddy said last month his bill increased suddenly by $10 and he didn't know why.

"They said this is not what the deal was," said Saddy.

Despite Saddy's memory of the deal, AT&T said his $60 pricing wasn't for life and it had expired.

Saddy reached out to our Consumer Investigative Center where we went to work. AT&T agreed to honor the $60 price for another year and give Saddy a credit of $130 dollars on top of that.

It's enough to cover the price increase for another year when it does kick in. Saddy was pleased with that outcome.

AT&T told us "We have reached out to the customer to apologize for the confusion and have adjusted his bill."

It's hard making deals on the phone, as there's often no physical contract that you have a copy of, sometimes they can send you one, ask them to do so on that first call when you sign up.

If not, ask the agent to make notes in the system of you call, and specially ask them to note the rate and length of time promised, to help generate a record in case of a dispute down the road.

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