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Murder Trial Continues for Man Accused in Death of Fort Worth Police Officer

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Timothy Huff entered court Thursday charged with capital murder in the death of Fort Worth officer Garrett Hull. Hull was killed during a gun battle in 2018 while investigating a string of robberies.

Testimony from Fort Worth officers and the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office today focused on evidence like guns, money and their locations at the crime scene.

Video was shown in court of Huff having his intake picture taken and being swabbed for gun residue.

When he changed into jail-issued clothing a cellphone was found on him.

“It surprised me because I just didn’t know it was in there. Sometimes other things can be tucked away places that can be harmful,” an officer testifying said on the stand.

Investigators suspect Huff, Dacion Steptoe and Samuel Mayfield were responsible for 17 robberies and had been targeting Latino bars in and around Fort Worth.

A former Fort Worth detective explained how they knew these robberies would likely continue.

“This one immediately struck me as different,” former Fort Worth Detective George Graham said. “It struck us as being more organized, more violent. It struck us as a coordinated effort that we were more likely to see again.”

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