How extreme Texas heat can impact vehicles

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Another wave of triple-digit temperatures is taking a toll on cars across North Texas.

The dangerously hot conditions are causing owners to seek help at auto shops.

“We’re extremely busy,” said Colton Duty, manager of Speedee Oil Change and Auto Service in Arlington. “A lot of air conditioning compressors, we see those fail a lot. A lot of radiators crack and start to leak. Batteries go bad too.”

While windshield wipers won’t be needed this week, owners should keep an eye out in case they stick to your windshield.

“They don’t melt like you would think like really gooey, but they do tend to glue themselves to the windshield so the next time you try to use them they tear because they were stuck to the windshield,” said Duty.

Tire pressure can also cause problems in triple-digit temperatures.

Vehicle owners should also look for other signs of trouble.

“Weird smells or smoke or steam when you’re pulling up to a stop light, that’s probably an indicator that something may be wrong. Also, if your air conditioning stops working like when you pull up to a red light and it starts working again when you start driving again, that could be a problem with your vehicle’s radiator fan,” he said.

The team at Calloway’s Nursery in Arlington is watering plants more often and using fertilizer to replenish nutrients in the process.

Staff is getting breaks and snacks to stay hydrated and energized.

Free water bottles are also on hand for workers and guests alike.

“More fans, this year we invested in misting fans for employees and customers to enjoy,” said assistant store manager Jaynie Mohr.

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