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Here Are the Texas Cities That Swear the Most and the Least

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Holy shhhhhh! Three Texas cities made the list of the top cities that swear the most in the country. And two of those three cities are in the Metroplex.

While most cultures consider the use of profanity to be inappropriate, most people admit they still do it.

Before we get to which Lone Star cities swear the most, here's how they came up with such a list in case you give a frick.

Preply, a language learning company, surveyed more than 1,500 residents of 30 major U.S. cities. They asked them how often they swear, which situations make them swear a lot and at what age they started swearing.

Here's what they found:

  • The average respondent swears 21 times per day
  • The U.S. city that swears the most frequently is Columbus, Ohio, at 36 times per day
  • The average age Americans start using swear words is 11
  • Over half of Americans use swear word substitutions — favorites include “fudge,” “shoot” and “frick”

Younger generations are more likely to curse, with Gen Z swearing an average of 24 times a day compared to Boomers swearing 10 times a day.

As for who uses more profanity, men or women?
It's the men! On average, men use curse words 22 times a day, while women swear less at 18 curse words daily.


Dallas tied for 4th with Oklahoma City, Philadelphia and Indianapolis, swearing an average of 25 times a day. Fort Worth tied for 5th with San Francisco and Louisville, with 24 swears a day. Austin came in at number 7, tying with Los Angeles, swearing 21 times a day.

1. Columbus, OH
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. Jacksonville, FL
4. Oklahoma City, OK
4. Dallas, TX
4. Philadelphia, PA
4. Indianapolis, IN
5. Fort Worth, TX
5. Louisville, KY
6. Washington, D.C.
7. Los Angeles, CA
7. Austin, TX


El Paso ranked number 4 on the list, swearing 17 times a day, tying with New York City and Chicago. It's a three-way tie for 5th place with Detroit, Seattle and Houston, cursing 18 times a day. San Antonio made the list at number 7, tying with Nashville and Denver 20 times a day.

1. Phoenix, AZ
1. Portland, OR
2. Boston, MA
2. Milwaukee, WI
3. San Jose, CA
4. New York City, NY
4. El Paso, TX
4. Chicago, IL
5. Detroit, MI
5. Seattle, WA
5. Houston, TX
5. Memphis, TN
6. San Diego, CA
6. Charlotte, NC
7. San Antonio, TX
7. Nashville, TN
7. Denver, CO

The places Americans are likely to curse the most are at home, out with friends and while driving.

The situations people are most likely to swear include at work, in front of strangers, at the dinner table and in front of elders.

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