North Texas

Harvey Evacuee Gives Birth at Medical City Plano

A Houston family is counting their blessings after the arrival of their baby just days after evacuating from the path of Hurricane Harvey.

They left everything behind to escape to North Texas, hoping their unborn child wouldn't arrive early.

However, Baby Ximena had other plans.

A few days after Nora Uribe and her family arrived in Wylie, her family brought her to the emergency room at Medical City Plano in active labor.

She was immediately escorted to labor and delivery, and she gave birth to a healthy baby girl Tuesday.

Her cousin, Abby Ortega, said Uribe was hesitant at first to leave her home in Houston, knowing her due date was still more than a week away.

"My dad told her, 'Even if you don't want to, you need to get out, just to be safe,'" Ortega said.

Uribe said, in Spanish, she was nervous but knew what was at jeopardy.

"She feels happy and sad at the same time. Happy because her baby girl is safe and sad because she lost everything," said Ortega, who's been at her side as a translator.

Uribe's been in contact with friends, who have sent her pictures of the flooding in their neighborhood.

"They're saying that there's not enough food, there's no electricity," Ortega said.

It's affirmation that Uribe and her family made the right decision.

They'll stay with their family in Wylie until they can get back into their neighborhood to assess the damage.

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