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Gov. Abbott Buses Migrants to VP Home in DC, Civil Rights Organization Criticizes Move

The president of the League of United Latin American Citizens says people seeking asylum in the US are being used as 'political piñatas'

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On Thursday just before 7 a.m., about 100 migrants made up of men, women and children, arrived on two buses to Washington D.C. where they were dropped off in front of vice president Kamala Harris' home at the U.S. Naval Observatory

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced the arrival of the buses and posted on Twitter, "Texas will continue sending migrants to sanctuary cities like D.C. until Biden & Harris do their jobs to secure the border."

It's in response to criticism of Harris saying that the border is “secure.”

"Our supposed Border Czar, VP Harris, has yet to see firsthand the impact of the open border policies she has helped implement," Tweeted Abbott.

Gov. Abbott's office said the majority of the migrants on the buses came from Colombia, Cuba, Guyana, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela.

Civil rights organizations like The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) have condemned Abbott's move and believe it's a political stunt before the midterms.

"This is a cruel, un-Christian, un-Texan, un-American way to use human beings as political piñatas which is what the governor is doing, Gov. Abbott is doing," said LULAC national president, Domingo Garcia. "Using human beings as political piñatas to try and rev up his base in Texas for his election."

Garcia, who works out of Dallas, was in D.C. for an event when he said he made a detour to the outside of the vice president's home once he heard the news of the migrants being dropped off.

"None of them asked to be sent to Kamala Harris' office, none of them asked to go to Washington D.C., we believe that they were tricked by officials there at the border in Eagle Pass, Texas and told they would be provided housing, and transportation and in fact all they got was a one-way bus ticket to Kamala Harris' home to be used as political pawns, it's a political stunt and it's one of the most grotesque political stunts I've ever seen," said Garcia.

He said a church group picked up the migrants had provided resources. Garcia said two people were taken to the hospital, including one man who was diabetic and was going into shock, while a baby had to go the hospital for respiratory issues.

"This is who they're putting on buses after they had already been lawfully admitted into the United States pending their court hearing, so it's just terrible political theatre and such an abuse of power and disrespect for the dignity of these human beings," said Garcia.

Gov. Abbott accuses the Biden-Harris administration of ignoring the crisis at the border, which is part of the reason why he's bused thousands of migrants to other cities, including Washington D.C., New York City, and Chicago, over the last few months.

Garcia said he believes there's a better way to take care of the issue without sending people to places without resources.

"That's why we need to have bipartisan immigration reform that fixes the broken immigration system playing the blame game and using people as political pawns that is not the way you get anything solved. Bringing children and families as refugees, to Kamala Harris' house doesn't solve anything, it's just trying to score cheap political points at the expense of human beings and not solving the problem," said Garcia.

On Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis flew about 50 migrants to Martha's Vineyard , echoing Gov. Abbott in regards to his criticism of the Biden Administration and the border.

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