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Good Samaritan Recognized for Saving Drowning Toddler in North Richland Hills

Child makes full recovery after nearly drowning in a park pond

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A good Samaritan who jumped into a pond to save a little boy who was drowning in North Richland Hills was honored for her heroism Monday.

Brandi Rowntree said she was in the park celebrating a kid's birthday when a 2-year-old chased a duck into the pond and nearly drowned.

North Richland Hills’ public safety department released video from the frantic rescue. It starts with a 911 call from a woman saying her nephew fell into the pond. The body camera video begins with an officer racing toward the pond at Linda Spurlock Park in June.

Rowntree said she had to get through lots of algae but was able to get him out. She said she relied on the CPR skills she learned from her parents and the 911 dispatcher who coached her until the rescue squad arrived.

The emotional video shows first responders taking the unresponsive child while continuing to work on him until he opened his eyes and began breathing.

“Because of all of us in working together as a community he's alive and he gets to be alive for the next, I don't know how long. So, he's a precious little boy and he has beautiful curly hair and he's just a great little kid,” Rowntree said.

Dispatcher Kasey Moreno and Officers Rafael Cortes and John Hyde were awarded the Lifesaving Award in August. Rowntree received a Certificate of Recognition for her efforts.

The child, Carlos Jr., made a full recovery. Rowntree said she has stayed in touch with his family.

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