Inside the New Tech of Fort Worth's Legendary Rodeo

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The rodeo portion of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo’s move into its swanky new home in the Dickies Arena means a major upgrade in technology.

“I think the biggest thing people are going to see when they walk in is they are going to notice a big scoreboard,” Dickies Arena marketing director Alissa Cunningham said. “Our center-hung is the second largest continuous video board display in the United States. This will really be the first time we get to test that out.”

“It weighs as much as 12 Chevy Silverados. There are 21 times more pixels than there are people in the city of Fort Worth,” Cunningham added. “So, it is a very impressive video board display.”

Fans who have gone to the Fort Worth Rodeo for decades will see it in an entirely different way in the new home.

“I think it’s really just going to enhance the rodeo experience. We’ll have 18 different video camera angles,” Cunningham said. “We’ve got more than 20 people in the production room making sure that people can see every single angle from start to finish.”

Photos: FW Rodeo New Home Brings Amazing New Tech

The modern cowboy is also a tech-savvy cowboy and this arena and its technology will be a gamechanger.

“One of the things that we are really excited to do this year in the rodeo hospitality room is providing immediate playback for the riders,” Cunningham said.

“As soon as they finish their ride or their rope, they will be able to go back into that rodeo hospitality room and rewatch that. They can rewind it, go back and forth. They can watch from a number of different angles,” Cunningham explained. “That really helps them improve their experience which is so important for that PRC rodeo tournament time if they are moving on to the next bracket.”

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