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Fort Worth Police Set to Spend $1.1 Million on Used Cars

Vehicles will be driven by officers in plainclothes

Fort Worth is set to spend $1.1 million on used cars for the police department.

They're not black and white with red and blue lights on top. The unmarked, pre-owned cars will be driven by officers in plainclothes, like detectives and some administrators, said Fort Worth police Lt. Paula Fimbres.

Chris Johnson, owner of 6th Gear Auto Sales on Northeast 28th Street, was one of two dealers who bid on the city contract and won.

How many cars will $1 million buy?

In this case, 70 to 80, Johnson said.

"They range anywhere from 70,000 to 130,000 miles," he said.

Johnson said it's a great deal for taxpayers.

"The used cars are already depreciated. So the city is saving the taxpayers several hundred thousand dollars by going with the pre-owned," he said.

Johnson jokes he might get a few favors in return.

"If this is the way I can save some money on parking tickets, I'm in," he said, laughing.

The Fort Worth City Council is set to approve the deal on Tuesday.

The purchase is on the consent agenda – containing non-controversial items that are almost always approved with little discussion.

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