Following a Delivery Truck? North Texas Porch Thieves Becoming Bolder

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Chances are, at some point, you have been the victim of someone coming onto your property and stealing a delivery before you can get to it.

“There are just too many to count right now,” Dallas Police Detective Kevin Janse said. “I’m in the Northwest Division and I see seven to ten of these daily. I mean, as far as the quickness of them, the brazenness to them and, and the fact that these suspects, they don't care if people see them.”

Whether it is day or night, Janse said he has seen a little bit of everything. Especially when it comes to the timing of the thefts.

“I've even had instances where the suspect has been wearing an Amazon vest and walking up to the front door with an empty box and exchanging it for the box that was delivered. I've seen them go into the actual trucks themselves when the delivery guy walks up to the front door and steal packages, I've seen them cover them up with blankets,” Janse said.

“I've been lucky enough to get some good enough video that I've solved multiple package thefts, just on video alone, not even license plates of vehicles, just the person,” Janse said.

He said he isn’t just seeing people stealing from porches, but even mailboxes.

“That could be a federal crime. The postal inspector handles those, but we get those as well and I handle those too. Two years ago, the Legislature did increase the penalty for breaking into mailboxes or package thefts, but unfortunately, that is not stopping them,” Janse said.

His best advice, if possible, is to require a signature for any package that comes to your home. If you can help it, file your taxes electronically so that your refund check does not come to your mailbox. If it’s possible opt to have your packages delivered to your workplace or even a friend’s house where you know they will be home to receive it.

If you are a victim of package theft, file a police report immediately and provide all the evidence you have, especially if you have a clear picture of the license plate of the car that person was driving.

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