Father and Football Coach Talk About the Loss of Well-Liked Allen High School Student

Marquel Ellis had a special bond with his son.

"I had him so young, he kind of got to grow up with me and it was more like a son, friend, a friend you can't even imagine. That was my boy," he said.

His namesake, Marquel Ellis Jr., made him extremely proud.

"He kept me going. He influenced a lot of us men, just seeing a kid so motivated. I mean, I'm proud of him. I'm proud of my son," Marquel Ellis said.

The last time he'd see his son, they were doing what they did so many times before.

He picked him up from school and they grabbed a bite to eat.

Saturday, Ellis Jr. was shot and killed at a party in Plano.

Kemond Smith, 17, is now behind bars on murder charges.

Ellis' son, his friend, the person he considered his teammate, was gone.

"Everyday was serious with us. We were motivated as a team," Ellis said.

Ellis Jr. left behind another team as well.

Allen High School's head football coach Terry Gambill, said Ellis was a star on and off the football field.

"He was a great person. He was a great young man. He cared about his friends. He smiled. He was the type of person that you would love to just hang out with," Gambill said.

Both men said they were excited to see what Ellis would become.

"It was fun to watch and see how he was developing into a young man. He was starting to understand what life is really about," Gambill said.

Marquel Ellis is clear -- when you talk about his son, don't focus on what was lost. Instead, focus on what he gave.

"Just going hard for what you want and doing your best. Conquering and overachieving. Just know that it's not going to be easy. Keep going. Through all circumstances just keep going."

Police said the shooting is still being investigated.

Allen High School has a playoff football game this Friday at AT&T Stadium.

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