Families Concerned As More Residents Test Positive for COVID-19 at a McKinney Senior Living Facility

Wednesday afternoon Oxford Grand Assisted Living and Senior Care confirmed its 8th COVID-19 related death

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As of Wednesday, 13 residents have tested positive for COVID-19 according to the Oxford Grand Assisted Living and Memory Care. Eight of those residents have died due to complications from the disease.

A representative for the senior living facility said a 92-year-old woman died overnight. The ages of the first seven people -- five women and two men -- who have died range from 80 to 93. The deaths were all reported between April 5 and 21.

“Honestly, our whole family is really concerned, there’s just a lot uncertainty right now," said Anna Leigh Cargile whose 75-year-old grandmother lives at the facility.

Cargile said her grandmother, Anna Ward, has lived at Oxford Grand for more than a year now. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2017.

As a preventive measure, the facility said it has not allowed visitors to go inside since mid-March, which has been hard for Ward's family.

"It’s been terrible honestly," Cargile explained about not being able to see her grandmother. "We can see the disease progressing a lot quicker than before, she’s kind of losing it because she's not in her normal routine, she doesn’t have things and bingo to keep her busy.”

She said they've been learning about what's happening at the facility from emails that the facility sends out.

“I know things are changing every day, so I think they’re doing the best they can to keep us updated," Cargile said about the facility's notifications.

Oxford Grand Assisted Living and Memory Care said so far four employees have tested positive for COVID-19. The company said all employees have been tested since they learned someone had been exposed to the virus.

When it comes to residents, the doctors have to put in an order for tests.

The facility is home to up to 95 residents, some of whom require limited medical help.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission said it's actively investigating the center, focusing on the facility's "infection control practices," whether it's properly screening all staff and critical service providers for residents, and whether its following CDC guidelines regarding the proper use of personal protective equipment.

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