DFW Woman On Quest to Visit All 50 State Capitals to Fulfill Promise to Father

Jamie Miller promised her father she would finish the journey he started

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The shiny red motorcycle trike in Jamie Miller's driveway outside her Arlington home is the last thing she ever thought she'd buy, but she did it for her dad, Ken Javor.

"To say that he was my best friend would be, like, the understatement of the year," Miller said of her father. "I know that's very cliché, but just the nicest guy you ever met."

Javor loved motorcycles and adventure. Both were part of his retirement plan to take trips on his motorcycle trike to all 50 state capitals.

Javor died of multiple myeloma in 2018. He'd been to 12 state capitals. Before he died, Miller made a promise.

"I told him if for some reason you don't make it, I will learn to ride," Miller said. "I will spread your ashes in all 50 states."

She found a motorcycle that was the same make, model, year, and color as her dad's trike.

"It looks exactly like my dad's, so I purchased the bike. Had to have it towed to the house because the next day, I failed the motorcycle class," Miller said. She took another class and passed.

"Because I did make a promise," Miller said. "That's something that's in our genes; you say you're going to do something and you absolutely follow through with it."

Miller and her husband, Rawley, have been to 17 capitals so far on motorcycles. Their next trip to Tennessee, West Virginia, and the Carolinas is coming up in a few weeks.

Everywhere Miller goes, she leaves a few of her dad's ashes.

"We put in him rivers and different places, but when you think about it, the wind blows and the water moves," Miller said. "So it's fun to think about all the different places he could be, but he will be everywhere...still traveling forever."

Miller is writing a book about her motorcycle travels. The working title is 'The Honor Trip'.

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