Deliberations Will Continue Monday in John Wiley Price Bribery Trial

Deliberation resumes Friday

Jurors deliberated again Friday in the John Wiley Price bribery trial before going home around midday.

NBC 5's Ken Kalthoff will be tweeting live from the courthouse — the latest information will be in his Twitter feed to the right. [[414360543,R]]

The half-day Friday was planned in advance by the court. After taking the weekend off, the jury will reconvene and resume deliberations Monday morning.

The panel has eight weeks of evidence to consider accusing Dallas County Commissioner Price of conspiracy, bribery and income tax evasion.

Price’s longtime county aide Dapheny Fain is accused of conspiracy and lying to the FBI.

Jurors deliberate for a third day Friday in the John Wiley Price bribery trial

Both could face prison if convicted and Price could be removed from the position he has held since 1985.

During the trial defense attorneys attacked the federal case, accusing prosecutors of mistakes that tainted the trial and federal agents of errors that tainted the investigation. They insist the defendants are not guilty.

Prosecutors said Price received around $1 million in bribes in the form of cash, cars and real estate for his influence in Dallas County business. They said he failed to pay taxes on the bribes and other hidden income from outside businesses.

Judge Barbara Lynn said jurors are not being sequestered at a hotel as was incorrectly reported Wednesday. A remark from the bench about “accommodating” jurors was mistakenly taken to mean hotel rooms. The judge said juror are still going home at night. They have strict orders to avoid all media information about the trial and limit deliberations to the evidence heard in court.

Jurors took several breaks during deliberation Thursday. They are expected to continue Friday morning.

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