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Dallas Teacher Hopes to Start ‘Stimulus Check Challenge'

Dallas ISD pre-K teacher Ivan Loza said he didn't need his $600 government stimulus check because he had a job, so he used it to help someone in need

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Ivan Loza is a pre-K teacher at John Peeler Elementary School in Dallas ISD. He also recently became a realtor. So when Loza got his government stimulus check for $600, he wanted to use it to help someone who needed it more than him.

Loza grabbed a friend and went downtown Dallas to help someone who was homeless. They found a man they called Mac.

"So overall the general theme is your wish is our command," Loza said to Mac in a video he posted to YouTube that follows the trio's 10-hour day together; from lunch, to shopping, to haircut, dinner, and finally putting Mac up in a hotel.

"I mean, I was with a friend and he felt like a third friend," Loza said. "He just seemed like a kind person."

Loza said he talked to businesses ahead of time, which also donated time, goods, and money in some cases to help.

"Imagine just having nowhere to sleep, just being outside all day, limited with what food you can eat, not being able to shower or groom yourself," Loza said. "Things we take for granted."

Loza said he documented his day to inspire others who can help someone in need in any way they can; whether that's donating their stimulus check, or donating their time.

"Because to him... it was like, 'wow, there are good people everywhere,'" Loza said. "It felt like part of his soul was in mine."

Loza said he wants to keep paying it forward, and plans to do 27 acts of kindness to mark his upcoming 27th birthday.

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