‘The Reheat': Dallas restaurant gets a fresh start thanks to Keith Lee and Microsoft

The digital series features a Microsoft AI expert and Keith Lee tasting the latest from restaurants and demonstrating how to use Microsoft AI tools and solutions

The Reheat

Brunchaholics, a beloved Dallas-based restaurant, has been making waves in the culinary world thanks to "The Keith Lee Effect" and an influential partnership with Microsoft.

As part of the "The Reheat" video series, Brunchaholics, owned by Jessie Washington, has been spotlighted for its remarkable growth and success after Keith Lee's visit earlier this year.

Other Black-owned businesses featured in the series include Las Vegas-based restaurant Pretty Soul Kitchen and New Orleans restaurant Mondays

Lee, a prominent food critic and advocate for small businesses, has dedicated himself to spotlighting local entrepreneurs, particularly Black-owned restaurants. His viral food reviews and commitment to spotlighting small companies have earned him the title of "The People's Champ."

"I am fortunate that I have a trusted platform that helps local businesses across the country to grow," said Lee.

"Knowing that Black-owned businesses often struggle to stay afloat or keep up with demand, I'm excited to partner with Microsoft to give them the tools to keep their businesses thriving for years to come.”

The Reheat

Officials said the partnership between Microsoft and Lee has brought attention to the challenges small businesses face, including the struggle to keep up with surges in demand and the need to streamline operations for sustained growth.

Anthony Kerr, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, emphasized the importance of integrating AI tools and solutions into the operations of businesses like Brunchaholics to streamline workflows and support long-lasting growth.

“Keith Lee has made an immeasurable impact on Black-owned food businesses from across the country by using his platform to shine a light on local entrepreneurs," said Kerr.

"For these businesses, every second saved, and every dollar spent is the difference between surviving and thriving. Our goal with “The Reheat” is to show businesses how integrating AI tools and solutions into their operations can streamline workflows and help grow their businesses.”

The series includes a station where a Microsoft AI expert and Keith Lee rotate, tasting the latest and greatest from the restaurants while taking them through live demos using a host of Microsoft AI tools and solutions.

This included CoPilot Creativity 101, where they received a crash course on utilizing CoPilot to unlock new creativity and efficiencies for their operations, and AI Small-Medium Business Tools, which focused on how AI business optimization tools and resources can boost their businesses.

Additionally, restaurant owners had the chance to collaborate with Keith Lee in "The Kitchen" to test a new recipe and receive expert feedback and guidance.

As part of "The Reheat" series, Washington worked with a Microsoft AI expert and Keith Lee to explore various AI tools and solutions that could benefit his business.

The Reheat

“I was positively impacted by the Keith Lee effect, and since, things have been wild – I wasn’t prepared," said Brunchaholics owner Jessie Washington.

"I have needed ways to stay organized to keep up with the demand. Th Reheat with Keith Lee and Microsoft gave me the opportunity to see how AI can help me, as an entrepreneur, manage my business more efficiently. The fact that Copilot is integrated into the apps I use all the time is a game-changer, and knowing more about how I can work alongside AI to support me will allow me to focus on other important things to continue to grow Brunchaholics.”

To provide valuable resources to business owners, "The Reheat" offers free downloadable tips, educational materials on utilizing AI-powered tools and solutions, and the engaging "The Reheat with Keith Lee" video series.

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