Dallas Apartment Residents Frustrated at A/C Troubles

Residents at a Dallas apartment complex are frustrated after going days without air conditioning.

Eva Rodriguez, property manager at the Casa San Luis Apartments on Park Lane, told NBC 5 an electrical issue involving a transformer was the reason the entire system went down. A new transformer has been ordered but could take two or three days for it to arrive, Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez, who declined an on-camera interview, said the system stopped working Thursday, but it was quickly fixed by replacing some fuses. The system failed again on Friday and could not immediately be repaired.

Since then, residents have been doing what they can to stay cool, but they say it's extremely difficult in triple-digit temperatures. Many purchased their own window units or fans.

"It's hot. You walk in there! I think it's hotter in there than out here," said resident Marissa Alvarez. "I'd rather be out here. It's cool, windy – in there it's boiling hot."

Monday, the complex provided each apartment with a window unit, according to Rodriguez.

Alvarez, who has a 3-year-old and 3-month-old, left to stay with family in Denton after spending time without cool air.

"He woke up three times in the middle of the night," Alvarez said, referring to her 3-year-old son. "He took off his shirt, he took of his shorts, he was like, 'Ma, hot.' He had to get cups of water three times in the middle of the night."

Alvarez said the apartment management needs to do more to help.

"I know life is not fair, but I'm paying $950 in rent," Alvarez said. "At least I can have some A/C in my house. That's all I ask for is a decent living."

Rodriguez could not say if residents would be compensated for their time without air conditioning.

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