Cowboys Nation Reacts To Zeke Suspension

The Star is a major attraction for Dallas Cowboys fans.

Many fans decided to stop by the multi-million dollar facility in Frisco on Friday afternoon after finding out star running back Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended by the NFL for six games.

You can catch a glimpse of Elliott on the large screens that feature highlights of the team and several players during practice and games.

Number 21 is a fan favorite among many and their support is not wavering.

“I feel the suspension is a bit excessive,” said Michael Miller. “I thought possibly two games at the most.

“I think it's ridiculous,” said Robert Franco. “I think the cops didn't do anything about it and the NFL is a little too, they get involved too much.”

“I'm really upset right now,” said Stephen Chatman. “Six games is just too many maybe one or two is expected but six is a little out of hand. Roger Goodell is just pushing it.”

When asked if by two games he considered Elliott did something wrong to deserve a two game suspension, Chatman responded: “I don't believe he did anything wrong. I do believe he's had some immature moments since he's been the league.”

Dave Zepeda was also shocked by the decision.

“Hopefully they can appeal that and win and we can move on,” he said.

Dale Franks visited The Star with his small children and his reaction was more cautious.

“We love the Cowboys, but we can’t put what’s right for victims second. That should be the priority and that should be the message that we should pass on to our kids,” said Franks. “There are so many things in our society that we have an opportunity to teach our kids right or wrong and this may be an opportunity to sit down and talk to kids about stuff that’s very difficult to talk about.”

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