Changes in I-635 Project to Include Managed Toll Lanes and Non-Toll Lanes Throughout

The 10-mile stretch of LBJ East from U.S. Highway 75 to Interstate 30 is slated for major improvements, but the project is changing before it begins.

A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Transportation confirms the project will now include managed toll lanes and non-toll lanes throughout the entire length. [[290815791, R]]

Previously, the section between U.S. 75 and Miller Road was the only part expected to include managed toll lanes.

North Texas resident Joel Metcalf is all too familiar with I-635. He drives on that, and other Texas highways, daily.

"Since I have been here, toll lanes have exploded," Metcalf said.

Metcalf is hoping for some traffic relief, even though he would not pay for a toll road. This plan gives him two options. There will be five non-toll lanes in each direction, along with two managed toll lanes and continuous frontage roads.

A managed toll mean the toll rate can change based on traffic flow.

State Rep. Jason Villalba, R-Dallas, was behind legislation to have toll and non-toll lanes on part of the project. He believes it gives drivers the choice and helps raise money to pay for the $1.8 billion plan.

Right now, $1 billion still needs to be raised.

"The reasoning is you can't do it otherwise. Look, I wish we lived in a perfect world where there were no limited resources, where we have plenty of money for transportation. We don't. Here is a way to do it by allowing people to make the choice," Villalba said.

The goal is to begin the project in 2019. A TxDOT spokesperson believes the money will be in place by then.

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