Students Studying Environment Become Finalists in National Contest

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Some students in Coppell are taking steps to make the world a better place and they're getting some national attention for it. 

Students in Ms. Walsh's classroom at Coppell Middle School North have been studying ways to change the world.

They're working on a huge bracket modeled after college basketball tournaments.

The "teams" are items to be recycled and kids have to choose which items break down the best.

"Let's say aluminum cans, cardboard boxes, pizza boxes, anything that can deal with being recyclable," one of the students told us.

Leading the charge is a science teacher with a desire to make the world a better place, many of the projects are focused on the environment, and recycling.

"Ultimately the goal is for kids to look outside of themselves for our learners to know there's a big world out there, that we can all play a role in making it better," said teacher Lisa Walsh.

In some communities, the caps on plastic bottles can't be recycled and take up a ton of space. Looking for ways to reuse the caps, student Savannah Kurtz thought art would be the right way.

"We wanted to create something the kids could make out of recycled material," Kurtz said.

The class made a mural which got so much attention it's a finalist in a contest and if they win, Pepsi will donate thousands of dollars to Coppell Middle School North to help the students fund new and bigger recycling projects to make more change in the world.   

They want to expand the school garden and recycle more in the cafeteria. They're taking steps in this one little school to help a great big world.   

You can vote for the project through Friday, April 16 on the Pepsico Recycling Facebook page here.

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