Apps Change Access to Medical Care in North Texas

A new app is now up and running in parts of North Texas that lets patients find and book a same-day urgent care doctor's appointment.

According to users of Solv, they can search for an urgent care center who is available on their schedule, takes their medical insurance and is nearby.

"I didn't have to call three or four different urgent care places, see when they have appointments, see if they take my insurance. It was like magic," said Amanda Hunter, a mother of two in Dallas.

The app recently went live in Dallas after a six-month private beta test, and healthcare providers who were part of the beta test say it's bringing healthcare into the current space of technology.

They say the technology reduces their wait times, provides up front costs and lets patients review their visit.

"In healthcare, as we know, we kind of lag a little bit, but I think with this kind of system and app, it's really in the palm of your hand," said Dr. Khoshnood Ahmad at Pediatric Urgent Care of North Texas in Frisco.

"We aren't sitting in a waiting room all afternoon, hoping to be able to get in somewhere. It's just making it easier," Hunter said.

Another app is offering a different kind of service in Grapevine.

The Grapevine Fire Department has partnered with the PulsePoint Respond app, which alerts CPR-trained citizens of nearby cardiac events when in public places so they can administer aid until paramedics arrive.

The app also notifies users of the closest available Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

According to a city spokesperson, early application of bystander CPR and rapid defibrillation from an AED have proven to be crucial in improving a person's chance of surviving sudden cardiac arrest.

PulsePoint can be used by anyone who has been trained in CPR.

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