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Coverage of the merger between American Airlines and US Airways

Pivotal Week Ahead At American Airlines

Merger or new contract talk flying high at Fort Worth-based carrier.



    Allied Pilots Association and American Airlines work through the weekend on a new contract. (Published Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012)

    Everything seems to be coming to a head this week at Fort Worth based American Airlines.. from talk of a possible merger to the makings of a new contract with pilots.

    The pilots union said negotiations have been burning the midnight oil hoping to reach an agreement.  And now apparently, they've been working straight through the weekend.

    Late Sunday, the Allied Pilots Association's negotiating committee issued a statement saying:

    "Over the past four days, we have finalized contract language to the point that there are only a handful of open paragraphs still being worked. The remaining points which have not been agreed to by the parties involve final language for an industry pay-parity adjustment, furlough protection, and parameters for regional feed aircraft. Our goal is to reach an agreement on these points and present a final product to the APA Board of Directors at some point this week."

    A new pilots contract could come even as American nears a possible merger with US Airways. 

    Both companies are set to meet with other interested parties Tuesday in New York, exploring whether a merger makes sense.

    Then on Thursday, American will ask the bankruptcy judge for another month to submit a final reorganization plan.

    There's speculation US Airways could make an official merger offer very soon, but American still isn't sold on the idea. A new pilots contract could push the talks one way or the other.

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