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Classic Cars Torched at Forney Shop



    Vandal Sets Fire to Classic Mustangs

    A vandal smashed the windows of several classic Mustangs at a Forney shop and then set them on fire on Christmas morning. (Published Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012)

    Investigators are trying to find the person who torched several classic cars at a business in Forney on Christmas Day.

    Gerald Gauthier, owner of the Mustang Shop, said a friend called on Christmas morning to tell him that several cars parked outside his lot were on fire.

    "He said, 'Your business, it looks like a war zone,'" he said.

    Gauthier arrived to find three classic Mustangs gutted and several more with smashed windows.

    "The first thing he did is, he went to destroy glass on all the vehicles," he said.

    The vandal was caught on surveillance cameras installed outside Gauthier's business.

    In the video, the person can be seen walking up to the vehicles, smashing the windows and then lighting something on fire. Shortly afterward, several of the vehicles can be seen erupting into flames.

    "They're gone; they're completely gone. The '69 is somewhat salvageable, but these two here, they're just plain gone," said Gauthier while pointing to two classic Mustangs that were scorched and gutted by flames.

    Gauthier said it has taken years to build up his business. What happened will set him back thousands of dollars, he said.

    "I think someone that does this wouldn't hesitate to do it again to someone else," he said.

    Now he just wants the person caught before he strikes again.

    "I think somebody doesn't have any Christmas spirit," he said. "I don't have any words for it. I couldn't really even explain it."