86-Year-Old Bowler Makes History at National Tournament

Jamie Brooks earned his place in the 100,000 Pin Club last month

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A lot of people like to bowl.

Jamie Brooks has dedicated his life to the sport.

He began bowling in high school in Houston then quit college to open his first bowling alley with his father in 1955.

“I thank him every day for it because after having 44 of these bowling centers all around this state, I had 21 at one time,” Brooks said from his office at Plano Super Bowl.

As a businessman and a bowler, he’s racked up walls full of awards.

After a short stint as a member of the Professional Bowling Association, Brooks says he quickly learned he couldn’t compete at an elite level.

As an amateur bowler most of his adult life, when asked what he’d be considered now, he replied “Old,” then laughed.

He may have lost speed but at the 86-years-old, Brooks just gained a place in history.

In May, he became a member of the 100,000 pin club at the US Bowling Congress Championships, a milestone streamed live online from Las Vegas.

“There are spectators and friends and family in the stands to witness this amazing moment,” said announcer Matt Cannizzaro, the excitement building.

Brooks needed 381 pins to reach 100,000.

It took two games and 8 frames to get there.

“Whew, it was great,” Brooks said humbly.

It was Brooke’s 61st time competing in the tournament.

Out of perhaps millions of bowlers over 117 years, he’s only the 24th member of the 100,000 Pin Club.

“Let me tell you what it’s about. I think God puts everybody on this earth to do something and I think I’m on this earth to make people feel good,” he said.

Purpose he’ll keep perfecting, 10 pins at a time.

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