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58 Texas Horned Lizards Hatch at Fort Worth Zoo

Also known as 'horny toads' or 'horned frogs,' they will be released into wild

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The Fort Worth Zoo is home to 58 baby Texas horned lizards and dozens more are expected to hatch soon, the zoo announced Monday.

The lizards, named for the horns on their heads, are considered a threatened species.

The zoo is breeding them as part of a conservation program with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

They are set to be released into the wild in September.

The zoo said about 200 eggs, delivered from several breeding couples, are in the process of hatching.

The newborn lizards are about the size of a penny. Adult females can grow to 5 inches in length and males are slightly smaller.

The Texas horned lizards are also known as "horny toads" or "horned frogs," which is the mascot of Texas Christian University, which is located just down the street from the zoo.

The lizards are found in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico and northern Mexico, according to the parks department.

Just last week, the Fort Worth Zoo was No.1 in North America in a ranking published by USA Today.

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