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102-Year-Old Voter Reminds That America is Resilient

After divisive debates and back and forth in the polls, presidential politics have left some voters ready for this election cycle to end.

Now, in the homestretch, Election Day couldn't have come quicker for some.

"It has been so disgusting to me that I don't watch it as closely as some others have been," Helen Porter said. "It's just the same old thing over and over."

Porter is a dedicated voter, having voted in every presidential election since turning 18 in 1932. The 102-year-old Garland resident is as dedicated as ever to have her vote count.

“That is a privilege that we have as citizens of the United States,” she said.

Porter now lives in Brookdale Club Hill and keeps tabs on the candidates and the campaigns.

“I don’t know that there has ever been one that would even compare to this one that I remember,” she said. “It is absolutely the worst presidential election that I have ever experienced.”

Since casting her first vote for Herbert Hoover, Porter has seen the country change quite a bit. She’s seen America in The Great Depression and 9/11. She’s watched the nation grow in times of prosperity and poverty, war and peace. She thinks the nation will rebound from the harsh rhetoric of this particular election.

“As the years go by they will forget some of their differences and they will unite as one. And that’s all I can hope for,” she said.

From someone who has seen so much, she reminds that America is resilient.

“It is a wonderful, wonderful country. We have so many freedoms,” she said. “It is a wonderful place to live and don’t tell me that it isn’t great. It’s great now, but we hope that it will be greater.”

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