Grocery Stores Adjusting to Keep Up With Demand and Keep Customers Safe

Stores recommending people shop responsibly

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People are still packing into grocery stores.

“I found almost everything I needed other than the bread,” shopper Jana Threlkeld said.

It’s not easy though.

“It’s a bit overwhelming I can admit,” shopper Elle Moore said. “It’s so busy and you’ve got to practice social distancing and all of that so yeah it’s nerve-racking.”

It’s also not easy for the grocery stores trying to keep up with demand.

Tom Thumb Grocery Store on E Lovers Lane Dallas

“The last week has certainly been unprecedented in the grocery business,” President of Central Market Division of H-E-B Stephen Butt said.

Shelves are being restocked just as fast as they can.

Stores have even made some adjustments to try and keep up.

“There may be viewer varieties, but more quantity so that way we can offer that to shoppers,” Director of Public Relations for Tom Thumb and Albertsons Christy Lara said.

Store hours have been shortened to allow restocking overnight and thorough cleaning of the stores.

Customer and employee safety measures have been put in place.  At Tom Thumb sneeze guards were put in at cash registers between cashiers and customers.

At Central Market, stickers on the ground encourage social distancing while waiting to checkout.

As we move into the weekend and even further with the current situation both stores are asking people to shop responsibly.

“Just encourage people to really continue to be calm, take their time and continue their normal shopping patterns as if they would have several weeks ago,” Butt said.

“There is no need to hoard,” Lara said. “We have products coming. It’s in the supply chain. It’s coming to our warehouse daily and then turning around and coming to our stores daily.”

But still, it’s hard to ease some shopper's concerns.

“I’m fearful, but all we can do is keep going,” Threlkeld said.

Some stores have adjusted their hours to allow senior citizens, immune-compromised, and pregnant customers to shop first when the doors open.

You should check with your local store on what accommodations are being made.

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