Colleges Offer COVID-19 Tests to Returning Students

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Many students are excited about getting back to their college campus after their winter break.

"I'm a Youth Advocacy and Educational Studies major and I'm in the class of 2024," TCU Sophomore Brandon Nguyen said.

He's glad to know TCU is offering COVID-19 testing for returning students.

TCU student Brandon Nguyen

"Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is definitely important,” Nguyen said. “As for social life there were definitely a couple of parties before leaving back home so getting tested was definitely a necessary move."

According to the school's website, the TCU Health Center serves TCU students only. The Parking Lot 6 site will serve TCU and the public. The university Urgent Care is also open to the public.

"I really hope that the cases minimize as people come back because we need to take precautions to prevent the spread," Nguyen said.

Tarrant County College is also offering testing sites on campuses and offering vaccines and boosters.

At UTA, proof of a viral COVID-19 test will be required for students by February 4.  Any test before January 3 will not be accepted. There are free on-campus testing options.

Dallas College is strongly encouraging testing. The school is hosting drive-through testing sites at Mountain View and Richland campuses available to students and the public.

The University of North Texas has testing available on campus. It's recommended students test three days before moving into housing. Also, UNT's random COVID testing of students and staff resumes on January 18.

A lot of options and precautions are being laid out that some students are glad to see. 

"People are going to come back with it and I think that's inevitable,” Nguyen said. “But as long as people get tested and isolate then we are kind of able to minimize the spread."

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