The Story Behind the Denton Wall Decorated for Christmas Every Year

The duo is also responsible for another Denton attraction

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It is the season of giving, and for years, best friends Judy Smith and Anne Pierson have given the gift of art to neighbors in the North Texas city they call home.

“They're stuff that people will drive by and say whaat? Why would somebody do that?” Smith said.

Every year, for 20 years, the duo has decorated a wall on Sherman Drive in Denton for the holidays.

It’s part of the city's adopt-a-spot program.

“I have a hard time calling myself an artist, but I like to do things with junk,” Smith said.

“We pick a theme a year ahead,” Pierson said.

Over the years, themes have ranged from Christmas sweaters to Santa hats to beanie babies.

“This time it's pajamas,” Smith said.

They’re concepts that, for Smith, come easy.

An artist at heart, making something out of nothing is her lifelong theme.

“This is made out of a shower curtain,” Smith said, pulling out a coat in the sewing room of her Denton home.

She created costumes for a living for a costume shop called Rose Costumes which she owned for decades.

Smith and Pierson also maintain the “Chairy Orchard” which sits on a lot between their two homes.

The display features hundreds of different chairs which they’ve collected over the past six years.

It draws visitors from across the state.

“We do all this even though we're in our 80's,” Smith said. “I love for children to see that you can do things like that.”

The duo says they'll continue decorating as long as they can.

"We’ve got too many fun things to do," Smith said.

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