DMX's Passion for Hip-Hop Lives on Through His Daughter

Sonovah Hillman Jr., left, and her father Earl Simmons, known as DMX.
Sonovah Hillman

Sonovah Hillman Jr. is not a typical 8-year-old.

She is currently working on 20 songs and has already released two of them. 

“I Hate Zoom,” which is an ode to her deep distaste for virtual school and “TikTok,” which was just released. She writes all her rap lyrics. 

"Whatever is on my mind, I just write about it," Hillman said.

What makes this young rapper unlike any others her age is she is the daughter of Earl Simmons, also known as legendary hip-hop artist, DMX. Hillman's father died of a heart attack in early April.

Sonovah Hillman

Hillman Jr.'s mother, Sonovah Hillman is raising her daughter in Oakland, California.

“Sometimes she looks just like him depending on the angle you catch her. She has a lot of his traits as far as an artist. Writing is easy for her,” Sonovah Hillman said.

Sonovah Hillman Jr. is a fan of DMX.

“My favorite song of his is ‘Party Up (Up in Here).' He was happy when I told him I wanted to rap,” Hillman Jr. said. 

Hillman Jr. had the opportunity to visit a beach in Miami in February 2021, and said it is one of her favorite memories with her dad.

“It was fun. I just miss him and I’m kind of sad we won’t have more memories,” Hillman Jr. said.

Sonovah Hillman

Her father’s passion for hip-hop continues to live on in Hillman Jr. as she begins her own journey in the music industry.

“Rapping makes me feel powerful. Someday I want to own a mansion with 15 bedrooms,” Hillman Jr. said.

A posthumous DMX album is in the works and producers have asked Hillman Jr. to collaborate on two songs.

Hillman Jr. will be rapping with her dad even after his death. The release date has not been announced yet.

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