World's oceans are much warmer than normal this summer

Warmer than normal ocean temperatures fueled by climate change

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The world's oceans are much warmer than normal this summer with 40% of the oceans currently experiencing a marine heat wave, the most since the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) started tracking satellite data in 1991.

The ocean waters are expected to continue to rise through the summer and by September, 50% of the world's oceans will be experiencing a heat wave. Usually, only 10% of the world's oceans are warm enough to meet the criteria for a marine heat wave.

The spike in ocean temperatures is fueled by climate change and can have negative impacts across the globe. Marine heatwaves impact ocean ecosystems including fish and other marine life, and can increase air temperature and cause more tropical storms to form.

Sea surface temperatures have been warmer than normal since March reaching record levels by May. NOAA says the world oceans are warming because they have absorbed the majority of the excess warming caused by increased greenhouse gas emissions over recent decades.

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