Winter Storm Thaw & Refreeze Makes Streets Slippery

A hard freeze had Dallas drivers slip-sliding away in their efforts to get anywhere Friday

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As temperatures dropped into the teens Friday morning, the sleet, snow and ice that previously melted... refroze.

Water fountains in downtown Dallas had frozen edges and surface streets were more like a skating rink.

"I didn't realize this had a bit of a hill," Sean Crowell said. "So I got stuck."

Crowell backed his orange 2-wheel drive sports car into a curbside parking spot and waited for the sun to thaw roads.

"I mean, I figured I could spin the tires a whole bunch and get nowhere," Crowell said. "Might as well just go ahead and just relax and make the best of it."

"A lot of the cars we've helped were two-wheel-drive," Jacob Darver of the North Texas Jeep Club said. "Our four-wheel-drive will just pull 'em right up."

Darver said at least 50 members of the North Texas Jeep Club have been out on the roads helping stuck and stranded drivers get to safety, and offering rides for people who need to get places.

"Never know when you're gonna need help," Darver said. "It's just getting good karma on your side."

Darver said the North Texas Jeep Club helped drivers during the Feb. 2021 storm and hard freeze.

"Who knows," Darver laughed. "Tomorrow it'll probably be 70°. You never know in Texas. That's the joy of it!"

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