Seasonal Stormy Pattern Could Bring More Thunderstorms Next Week

What to Know

    After a dry and warm weekend, there will be a chance of thunderstorms in North Texas next Monday through Wednesday.

    Some severe storms are possible, especially during the late afternoons and evenings.

    The jet stream will be in a favorable position next week, flowing over North Texas from the southwest. Embedded in the jet stream winds will be disturbances that will increase the chance for thunderstorms to develop.

    This is a very typical springtime weather pattern.

    The storms will form along the dryline, the dividing line between very dry air to the west, and moist air to the east.

    Since dry air is denser, it forces the moist air to rise as the dryline moves east. The rising air, combined with the jet stream disturbances will lead to the development of storms.

    The storms should diminish each night as the dryline retreats west. The process will repeat itself Tuesday and Wednesday before a cold front sweeps through the area Wednesday night.

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    Given ample wind shear and instability, some of the storms will be severe with the potential for large hail, damaging winds, and even tornadoes.

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