Keller Community Cleaning Up After Hail Storm Damages Homes, Cars

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As a severe storm dropped large hail over northern Tarrant County on Wednesday night, homeowners and residents are left dealing with damages to their homes and cars.

Along Clark Springs Road in Keller, Mike Muse says his home seems to have been spared by significant damages following Wednesday night’s storm. His family’s three cars, however, took several hits.

Hail cracked his son’s front and back windows.

“My car…dents all over the hood, roof, cracked windshields,” Muse said. “My wife’s car, shattered the sunroof.”

Nearby, his neighbor Kara Cannon is dealing with damages to both her home and her family’s cars. Cannon has been preparing to list her home along Granite Falls Drive for sale starting Friday. The damaging storm broke at least two windows and punctured 20 holes through her roof, Cannon said.

"Some of them, big enough that he [roofer] could put his hand in. So, the hail must have been softball size," she said. “We’re hoping it actually helps because of the way the market is right now. They’re getting brand new windows. They’re getting brand new rain gutters. They’re getting a brand new roof."

Cannon has lived in the area for 17 years and said she rarely seeks shelter when she hears tornado sirens.

"The first year, I went into the closet when the sirens went off. That’s the last I’ve done it until last night. We actually had the dogs in the closet, and we were hanging out in the closet for a little bit," she said. "I knew some glass was going to break. It was actually kind of scary.”

Shortly after the storm passed, Caleb Perez and his wife checked on their car parked outside. The couple just moved into the Three77 Park apartment complex in Keller and had been using their car to store items like clothes.

They found their rear window destroyed and the car covered with shattered glass.

“We just kept all of our stuff in here, because we didn’t have dressers or anything. Just sucks, because now we got to throw it all away. Start all over with our process,” Perez said. “But I’m glad we’re safe, and it’s more material stuff.”

Perez said when they heard the sirens, they used their bathtub as a safe place to shelter.

“We threw a bunch of blankets on us and I told her [wife], I don’t care it’s hot in here. I’d rather us be protected under these thick blankets than something fall on us,” he said.

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