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If Hail Wrecked Your Car, Here's How to Navigate the Next Steps

Comprehensive coverage covers damage to your vehicle from hail and severe weather

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North Texans are assessing the damage after a severe storm dropped large hail over Northern Tarrant County Wednesday night.

If you suffered damage, review your insurance policy. The comprehensive coverage on your auto policy covers damage to your vehicle from hail and severe weather.

Many insurance companies are reviewing claims virtually. State Farm says it is asking policyholders to document the damage using pocket change to help measure the size of dents.

Check your policy to confirm what’s covered and whether your insurance will pay for a rental car while your vehicle is in the shop.

You may have heard rental car companies are at capacity because of the pandemic, the winter storm in February and pent-up demand for people planning trips.

Rental car companies are moving supply in to meet the demand.

North Texans grabbed their cell phone cameras to document large hail pounding their swimming pools making it look like they were boiling during severe storms Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

Enterprise Holdings said it assesses the need in various markets and moves vehicles as they are available from our network of locations. Enterprise said, "We are working closely with our insurance and collision repair partners and disaster relief crews to help ensure those affected in the local community have the vehicles they need."

The Insurance Council of Texas says if you are getting your car repaired through insurance, your insurance company may have an agreement with rental car companies to provide vehicles.

“That’s why you want to contact your agent as soon as possible, and then your agent can jump in there and point you in the direction of who does have a rental. It may not be the closest rental car company to you, you may have to drive another five, ten minutes down the road to get to the next one,” said Eddie Bermea – an insurance agent with State Farm.

Understand how much insurance will cover. You may have a daily limit on what insurance will pay for a rental and an overall coverage maximum.

If your rental costs more, you'll have to pick up the rest of the tab.

Camille Garcia with the Insurance Council of Texas says insurance company agreements with rental car providers may include a pre-established rate.

"That's something that you'll want to work very closely with your agent or with your adjuster on, in order to make sure that what is covered under your policy is something that is available and will be honored at the rental car counter," said Garcia.

A severe storm in Northern Tarrant County Wednesday night left behind a lot of damage. Many people found the windows busted out of their cars after the storm passed over. NBC 5’s Scott Gordon was in Keller where the majority of the damage happened.

If you don't need a rental while your car is in the shop, your policy may pay for other transportation like a rideshare.

"If there's a customer that either can't find a car or opts not to get a car, ask is there anything in my policy that will cover a daily amount? Some customers will use that for a car service company, an Uber or a Lyft," said Garcia.

If you’re making repairs on your own and need to find a rental vehicle, you’ll have better luck if you have a membership with a rental car company. Many companies will prioritize cars for members.

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