David Finfrock Works to Get Well

Finfrock's battle to avoid coughing on air has caused concern with viewers

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NBC 5’s Senior Meteorologist has been struggling to make it through his forecast segments without coughing, and often losing which caused viewers to write in and post on social media -- both concerned and upset.

"Finfrock sounds like a bad case of the flu… go to bed man." - viewer Scott Gordon via email

"It's been a while since I watched channel 5 news and David was coughing a lot back then, and he's still coughing." - Jacqlene D Clark on Facebook

"The weather guy sounds sick, please send him home, call Bryan, I'm worried for this guy." - Maria Cortez on Facebook

The issue was getting so serious one of NBCDFW.com’s most popular stories Wednesday came from viewers looking up this 2016 video explaining his coughing fits.

NBC 5 Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock explains what exactly has been causing him to cough so frequently while on the air.

Finfrock addressed the current issue during NBC 5 News at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

“I’ve been kind of messed up, so I’m going to start with a little disclaimer here, I did go to the doctor again today - two shots, two prescriptions, an inhaler - I’m going to get over this sooner or later,” Finfrock said. “But if I cough, please excuse me.”

Finfrock says it's not the flu. He caught a cold that has settled in his chest, that along with his mountain cedar allergies is all it takes to trigger a cough when talking.

"I feel great, but talking is more of an issue, which is a problem for our viewers," Finfrock said.

Everyone at NBC 5 joins North Texas in wishing Finfrock gets well soon.

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