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Things Are Just Peachy in Parker County

Parker Co. peach farmers get ready for festival



    Parker County Peaches Are Plentiful

    The Hutton Fruit Farm says Parker County peaches will be plentiful and juicy this year, just in time for the Parker County Peach Festival in downtown Weatherford on Saturday, July 14. (Published Thursday, June 28, 2012)

    It's peach time in Parker County. 

    "This year, the flavors are just better than normal to me," said Gary Hutton, co-owner of Hutton Fruit Farm. "The first ones I ate at the first of the season seemed like they were twice as good."

    Hutton and other peach farmers will share their flavorful peaches on Saturday, July 14, at the annual Parker County Peach Festival in downtown Weatherford.

    Favorable weather during the past winter and spring helped Hutton's crop bounce back from the pit of the 2012 record-breaking heat wave.

    Flavorful Peaches in Parker County

    [DFW] Flavorful Peaches in Parker County
    Peggy Hutton from the Weatherford Chamber of Commerce joined NBC 5's Samantha Davies in-studio to chat about all the peaches and expected turnout at this year's Parker County Peach Festival.
    (Published Friday, July 13, 2012)

    "When you have severe dryness like that, you have an infestation of grasshoppers and things. So they wiped out what few peach trees we had last year. This year it's a totally different story," said Hutton, 52, as he bit into another peach.

    "We eat some every day," he smiled.

    Sampling is the perk of a job Hutton's done for three decades after he, his brother and dad bought the peach farm.  The next generation of Huttons is on, pardon the pun, pit row, too.

    Jay D. Hutton, 23, and Maegan Hutton, 21, work alongside their dad picking, sorting and selling what they grow.

    "Yeah, there's family pride," said Maegan, as she talked about the people she meets every year at the Peach Festival.

    "The ice cream they enjoy. The cobbler they eat. It all came down from our own orchard. Oh, that's really cool. That's something I can smile about," she said.