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Dallas Construction Slows Even Spaceships

Spacecraft to appear at AAC this weekend



    Dallas Construction Slows Even Spaceships
    The capsule, making it's way through Dallas.

    Road construction in Dallas, long known to cause traffic delays for Earthbound drivers, delayed vehicle a different kind of vehicle Friday -- a space ship.

    A NASA spacecraft scheduled to appear at the American Airlines Center this weekend was temporarily stuck on a frontage road, unable to squeeze past construction barriers.

    While that is a fairly normal occurance for drivers in North Texas, it's a new one for an interstellar space ship.

    The craft, a test version of NASA's Orion spacecraft, is on a cross-country trip from the White Sands Missle Range in New Mexico to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  While making the trek, NASA is stopping at a few locations along the way to show off the next generation vehicle, which is designed to take humans beyond a low-Earth orbit and into deep space.

    Concerned about a bridge clearance on 635, the flatbed truck carrying the capsule exited Interstate 635 at Preston and was soon after stuck, too wide a load to pass through a narrow construction lane.

    An official with the Texas Department of Transportation arrived at the scene and moved some of the barriers, allowing the truck to pass.

    Now that it's free, Dallas residents will to have an opportunity to view the full-size crew vehicle until Sunday

    For more information on Orion stop in Dallas, visit NASA.gov.