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Oklahoma Jul 31

Oklahoma Inmates Make Daring Jail Break With Rope

Oklahoma county jail officials say two inmates climbed out of a 12th-floor window using bedsheets tied into a rope. Police arrested one of the inmates not long after their early morning escape on Frid...

  • Meteorologist Feb 12, 2016

    ‘Those Are Some Pretty Big Rollers': Rare Weather Event Produces Spontaneous Snowballs in Idaho

    Thousands of snowballs rolled in a flat central Idaho field look like the work of hundreds of ambitious kids — except there are no human tracks. A rare weather event caused the spontaneous snowballs at the Nature Conservancy’s Silver Creek Preserve and surrounding fields near the tiny town of Picabo. Preserve manager Sunny Healey spotted the ...
  • Florida Feb 9, 2016

    Man Arrested for Allegedly Hurling Alligator Through Drive-Thru Window

    A Florida man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly hurled an alligator through a Wendy’s drive-thru window, according to Palm Beach County Jail records. Joshua James, 23, threw the 3-and-a-half foot reptile through the window after receiving his large drink in Loxahatchee in October, according to a report from Florida’s Fish an...
  • California May 12, 2016

    An Icky New Hero? Roach-Like Robots May Help in Disasters

    When buildings collapse in future disasters, the hero helping rescue trapped people may be a robotic cockroach. The amazing cockroach inspired scientists to create a mini-robot that can mimic those feats of strength and agility. The researchers hope swarms of future roach-like robots could be fitted with cameras, microphones and other sensors and t...
  • Feb 8, 2016

    Former Court Clerk Ordered to Pay $1 Million, at $600 a Month

    A former court clerk who pleaded guilty to embezzlement must pay back more than $1 million, at $600 a month, a Mississippi judge has ruled. “We can all do the math,” Pike County Circuit Court Judge David Strong told Greta Dubuclet Patterson, 46. “We all understand that $600 a month is not going to get you to a million anytime......
  • social media Jan 29, 2016

    Goat-Tiger Odd Couple May Be Over

    A romance that enchanted Russia may be over: Timur the goat and Amur the tiger have had a fight and aren’t together anymore. In November, the goat was placed in the tiger’s compound in a wildlife park near Vladivostok with the expectation that the big cat would eventually kill and eat him. But the two not only tolerated each other,......
  • job site Feb 1, 2016

    12 Most Bizarre Late-to-Work Excuses: Report

    A new report revealed 12 of the most bizarre late-to-work excuses, and the list contains a bear, a lizard, and a lot of Vaseline.

  • Jan 26, 2016

    Vegan Butcher Offers ‘Meatless Meats'

    Chances are pretty good when you think vegan or vegetarian, a butcher shop isn’t what comes to mind but the owners of Herbivorous Butcher in Minneapolis, Minnesota hope to change that.

  • Jan 25, 2016

    Trailer With $70,000 Worth of Cheese Stolen in Wisconsin

    Police in Germantown, Wisconsin, are looking for suspects after a trailer containing about $70,000 worth of cheese was stolen from a trucking company. Police say the trailer was taken early Friday from D&G Transportation. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the 54-foot-long trailer and the semi-tractor used to steal it were found Frida...
  • Jan 23, 2016

    New York Village Changing Logo That Was Butt of Jokes by ‘Daily Show'

    The upstate New York village of Whitesboro has confirmed that it will change its official logo a day after the image, which appears to show a white man throttling an Indian, was ridiculed on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.” Village officials and members of the nearby Oneida Indian Nation will meet to discuss creation of a new im...
  • Feb 24

    Cops Pay $40 to Rescue Goat That Escaped Slaughterhouse: NYPD

    A couple of NYPD cops paid $40 of their own money to bail out a goat that escaped a slaughterhouse earlier this week, taking the gruff former fugitive to a Long Island sanctuary.

  • Jan 22, 2016

    Man Charged for Driving Car Almost Completely Covered in Snow

    An 80-year-old man was charged after driving a car that was almost completely covered in snow with only a portion of the driver’s side windshield cleared for vision, police said. Ontario Provincial Police said Wednesday the man received a $110 ticket after an officer spotted a car resembling a pile of snow on the road in Brussels, Ontario on ...
  • PRESIDENT Jan 18, 2016

    Middle-Aged Man Dresses as Old Woman for Official's Photo Op

    A city official who wanted to include an elderly woman in a photo op about a snow shoveling program persuaded a middle-aged man to dress up in a wig, earrings, lipstick and a dress. The man stood next to the mayor of Cranston at a news conference touting the program and wore a name tag that said “Cranston Senior Home...

  • Jan 15, 2016

    Members of Gray-Haired Gang Found Guilty for Britain's Biggest Burglary

    The last three members of a British criminal crew with a combined age of around 500 were found guilty Thursday for a $20 million heist committed last Easter — the biggest in the country’s history, NBC News reported. William Lincoln, 60, and Carl Wood, 58, were convicted of burglary. Hugh Doyle, 48, was convicted of fencing stolen goods from the......
  • Jan 14, 2016

    Michigan Man Flies Off Car Hood When it Rams Police Cruiser

    A shirtless man clinging to the hood of his brother’s car was sent flying into a police cruiser in Michigan, according to video of the incident recorded by the police, NBC News reported....Police in Shelby Township, in Macomb County, responded to a domestic violence call last Thursday morning when a white car came rolling toward them — with a half-...
  • Jan 11, 2016

    Man Steals Python From Pet Store by Stuffing Snake in Pants

    Surveillance footage shows a man steal a 2-foot-long python from a pet store in Oregon by stuffing the snake down his pants.

  • Jan 11, 2016

    Man Steals Python by Stuffing It in His Pants in Pet Store

    Police in Portland, Oregon are looking for a shoplifter seen stuffing a python down his pants and walking out of the pet store. The snake is about two feet long and was being sold for $200, says store co-owner Christin Bjugan.

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