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4 dead, 2 injured in chain-reaction crash on I-35W in Fort Worth

Fort Worth Police said investigators shut down part of the highway on Tuesday for about 40 minutes to continue their investigation

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Police in Fort Worth said they are still investigating what led to a deadly crash involving five cars on Interstate 35W Monday night.

Investigators said at about 9:09 p.m., two cars involved in a minor crash pulled over to the left shoulder. Police believe the two drivers got out to exchange information.

Officer Daniel Segura, a spokesperson with the Fort Worth Police Department, said the truck driver also pulled over on the shoulder to help. That's when a big rig in the left lane crashed into the cars, followed by another 18-wheeler plowing into the vehicles.

Three people died at the scene. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office identified them as 31-year-old Susana Longoria, 23-year-old Kiara Barker, and Chase Mapes. The fourth person, 21-year-old Jasmine Jones, died at the hospital.

Segura said two other people are in the hospital, but there is no word on their condition.

He said police are still working to figure out the deadly crash's circumstances but want to remind drivers about moving their vehicles off the highway if they can after a minor crash.

“If you can safely get out or get off the freeway onto the side road, service road, go to a gas station or a parking lot and exchange your info with the other driver, that’s probably the safest thing to do," offered Segura.

"We understand that if you see an accident and somebody is needing help on the freeway, you might want to stop and help, but again when you stop a vehicle or put yourself in a very high-traffic area then you have to think about all those things happening around you," said Segura who suggested that if people who help out to call 911 and be very aware of their surroundings.

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