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Microsoft Stops Supporting Windows XP



    Windows XP No Longer Supported by Microsoft

    Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP and the critical security programs that protect it on Tuesday. (Published Tuesday, April 8, 2014)

    Your personal information could be at risk if your computer runs on the old Windows XP operating system, after Microsoft stopped supporting XP and the critical security programs that protect it on Tuesday.

    “You’re still going to have a computer, but you’re going to be far more vulnerable to having your identity stolen to your computer being compromised," said Michael Young with Computer CPR in Southlake.

    “As new security patches and updates come out for the other operating systems, and other vulnerabilities are found, XP is just going to be left in the dust," Young said.

    His company has been helping small business owners upgrade to new computers.

    “There’s a lot of people, folks they entered the technology age with Windows XP, that’s all they know," Young said.

    The change sent Carol Montague shopping for a new computer

    “Every personal computer we have is on XP," Montague said. “I’ve had to turn off the wireless on my computer I can’t get online right now, otherwise my computers not protected."

    Best Buy is offering $100 toward the purchase of a new computer for people who bring in one with Windows XP.

    “Eventually, you gotta make that transition, you have to upgrade. Especially if you’re doing online banking or anything else important on your computer," said Best Buy’s Matt Harvey.