Not Just Another Pretty Face on the Football Field

Football fans have something to look forward to on Friday when the Dallas Desire lingerie football team kick off their second season. This year, the girls have made the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park their home.

The Desire finished the season 3-2 last year and have already been practicing 3 to 4 times a week to get ready for this year.

"It's a very competitive sport. A lot of times people think just because it's models, we are not playing full-on tackle, we're not hitting each other hard, but we are college athletes, so we are out there to do the real thing," said Toni Kelley, cornerback and defensive line. "You can be pretty, and you can come out here and play just as tough as any girl."

The LFL started as a gimmick of sorts -- sexy women playing football in next-to-nothing -- but it has evolved into competitive league with 10 teams from around the country.

"Basically, it's a spin-off of the Lingerie Bowl, which was the one game a year during the Super Bowl halftime show on pay-per-view," said Linda Brenner, quarterback. "And that blew up, and they decided to make a full league out of it last year."

If you can't make it out to the Cotton Bowl, Friday night's game will be broadcast on MTV2.  First up to face the Desire, the San Diego Seduction.

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