NFL Executive Recognizes “Angst” With Interference Rules

The NFL plans a hard look at the pass interference rules adjustment instituted this season

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Amid the concern and controversy over coaches challenges and video reviews of pass interference, the NFL plans a hard look at the rules adjustment instituted this season.

The change was for the 2019 season only and the 32 team owners would have to ratify it again -- on a temporary or permanent basis -- for it to be continued. Thus far, inconsistencies in how the penalties are being called and with decisions made after video reviews have plagued the system.

"There's no question there's been angst," Rich McKay, president of the Atlanta Falcons and head of the NFL's powerful competition committee said Wednesday at the league meetings. "I've felt the angst. I felt the angst with our team, feel the angst of others. But it's a new rule. It's a big change. It's something we haven't done before. So I don't want to prejudge what the outcome could be."

McKay and league football operations chief Troy Vincent said the subject will be "a point of discussion" in the offseason.

"I think from the committee's standpoint, what we typically do is we'll go back and we'll look at every single review and we will look at it from the standpoint as a committee, `Would we have reversed that? Would we not have reversed that?' McKay explained. "After you do that, which is what we did last year with use of helmet -- I think we looked at 120 use of helmet plays. You get a good sense of, `Can we do this better? Does this have a path to get better and more efficient and more effective and more predictable? And what are the challenges?"

Vincent emphasized that his job is to evaluate all officiating matters.

"My role is to gather all the information and evaluate it, myself included," he said. "What are we doing? When you look at officiating this year, there's a cloud over PI. We had, once Week 1 through 3 were in, there was a substantial amount of holding penalties that caused the penalty count to spike.

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"We'll look at everything. I'll provide all of the data with how the committee comes in in February, this is where we are, from a people standpoint, a process standpoint, here's how we fared among crews, among refs. That is something that we do each and every year.

"But my role is to evaluate and inform the committee, inform the commissioner, this is the state of officiating. We'll come up with the best outcome from what's best for the game."

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