Newy Scruggs' College Football Conference Championship Picks

Newy says an Alabama loss is bad news for Oklahoma and Ohio State

It's conference championship week in college football.

Sunday we will see who joins Notre Dame and Alabama in the mix as teams in the College Football Playoff. The rankings will be final and official as the selectors will meet in Grapevine, Texas. 

Notre Dame is 12-0, and the Irish have completed their season, so they are a lock. 

I will say Alabama is a lock, even if they don't win the SEC title over Georgia. A one-loss Bama team is still one of the top four football teams in the nation. We saw it last year when Bama didn't win the SEC West or SEC Championship but still won the CFP.

Oklahoma better hope Nick Saban wins the SEC Championship because if Bama goes down, so will the Sooners' hopes of making the CFP. As I wrote, Alabama is in no matter what. Same for Ohio State fans. They should be rooting for the Tide.

Here are my college football picks for the week in The Dallas Morning News. 

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