Local Gym Trains Average Joes Alongside Pros

The Dallas gym is recognized by pro athletes across the country

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Sanders Fit Performance Center has far surpassed anything owner Melvin Sanders thought it would be.

“Once I retired from pro basketball, I just needed a hobby and something to do to waste time,” Sanders said. “It just kind of grew from there and I have been doing it for eight years now.”

That hobby has turned into a 12,000 square foot facility in Dallas. One that is currently training 20 professional athletes, hoping to help them reach peak performance during their off-seasons. That work is complete with tune-ups during the season as well.

“We literally train some of the best athletes in the world. From Derrick Henry to Dak [Prescott], Julio Jones and guys of that nature,” Sanders said. “But we do that with other people here at the gym. The secret is to treat everyone the same. I come with the same approach to everyone. I want everyone to give 100% and I train everyone like an athlete.”

That training mentality has gotten the gym recognized by pro athletes across the country. Tennessee Titan teammates Derrick Henry and Julio Jones have trained there. Alexander Radulov of the Dallas Stars also trains at the facility. They’ve even seen Denver Broncos linebacker Vo Miller and others train.

Sanders and his lead physical therapist Luke Miller said it’s about so much more than just coming in and doing the work. It’s a team effort.

“It’s a collaborative effort between myself and their staff. You’ve got guys like Dak and Zeke [Ezekiel Elliot] coming in here and getting training and getting worked on, but their coaches and their other trainers at the facility help as well,” Miller said. “Those guys, they just work so hard. We are just here to help them get to where they need to be. They are doing all the work.”

Miller would prefer to stay in the shadows, but after he was mentioned on Sunday Night Football on NBC in week one, his time in the background was over. Sideline reporter Michele Tafoya mentioned him in her report regarding Dak Prescott’s offseason shoulder rehabilitation.

Sanders said there’s no secret sauce when it comes to hard work. They just give everyone the ability to get better.

“Everyday hard work. The will and drive to make people the best they can be. That’s what we do here,” Sanders said.

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