Dallas Maverick's CEO Blesses Families for Her Birthday

Cynt Marshall uses her birthday to help families in need

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At "For Oak Cliff," a nonprofit aimed at helping the community, some members had no idea Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall would be visiting.

She came because she relates to the struggles in this area.

"This whole area reminds me of where I came from,” Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall said. “So I will never ever forget where I came from."

She also understands the life issues some of these families are facing this holiday season.

"I've been struggling with my bills and I've been in between jobs because I can't find a job," mother Shantell Jernagin said. "This morning I was praying. I was like Lord I need a miracle."

Marshall is that miracle.

"So I'm just blessed that I'm able to be a vessel for my 60th birthday," Marshall said.

She's on a mission, called Heaven Cynt 60, to bless 60 families for her 60th birthday.  Families that have fallen on hard times like the Morales family who lost everything in a house fire two weeks ago.

"When it rains it pours cause one thing after another after another but I try to stay positive," mother of three Gladys Morales said.

Marshal's gift $1,000 per family of her own money.

“Christmas is going to be just a little bit better," Marshall said while hugging one lady.

Emotions could not be contained.

"I just feel like God put me, us, the families on her heart and she blessed us today," Jernagin said.

"It means my children can have Christmas," Morales said before bursting into tears of joy.

Marshall has plans to continue this blessing for future birthdays.

"Somebody asked me what are we going to do for 70 I said I don't know,” Marshall said. “We are going to build these villages and adopt kids and it's going to be crazy. Ten years from now you'll do another story."

Besides Texas, Marshall has helped families in New York, South Carolina and California.

She says she has gone over her goal and has actually helped about 75 families so far.

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