Cowboys Training Camp Close to Home, Still Out of Reach for Fans

NBC 5 Sports

Rookies reported to Cowboys training camp on Tuesday.

For the first time ever, the team is staying in North Texas and camp will be completely fan-free.

No one is sadder about that than the Cowboys biggest supporter, Carolyn Price.

For more than 30 years, she’s attended the team’s training camp.

This year, her streak will be broken.

“It’s not going to be a very fun time for me, not at all,” Price said.

Because of concerns over the coronavirus, this year, fans aren't allowed at training camps.

Teams can’t travel for training camp, either.

Instead, the Cowboys will trade Oxnard, California for Frisco and practice at The Star.

It’ll keep them close to home but still out of reach for fans, like Ms. Price, who we all want to see on the sidelines again soon.

“Stay happy, stay positive, it’s a reason for whatever is going on in the world today. Whatever we’re up against, trust me, God’s got it,” she said.

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