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Cowboys Season Ticket Holders Could Make Big Bucks If They Are Willing to Sell

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Eileen Enfiajian runs Star Status Cowboy Connection fan club of Dallas.

"If I could be out there on the field and playing with them and being on the sideline yelling and cheering and all that I would," Eileen Enfiajian said.

Since she can’t play with them, she settles for her seat at the games.

As a season ticket holder she understands why some people would consider selling their playoff game seats.

"For just selling one playoff game, in a wildcard round, they can make up the money that they've spent,” Enfiajian said. “I get it from their standpoint and I understand that and they have to make the decision for them."

Robert Lodes is the owner of ticket distribution company called Metro Tickets.

"It's off the charts,” Metro Tickets owner Robert Lodes said about ticket prices. “It's probably the biggest demand we've seen for a Cowboys game in over 20 years."

He's watching prices closely.

"Reserved seating has been fluctuating but is pretty much around $300, $350 to get in the door upper level ticket and then up from there," Lodes said.

With high demand he does warn buyers to be careful.

"Common sense buying from a reputable source,” Lodes said. “Now a days with all the ticketing being mobile ticketing a lot of the what you call scams have kind of gone away cause you can track the ticket from the cowboys straight to the end user."

But for those diehard season ticket holders like Arlington mayor Jim Ross and others they won't sell their fan loyalty.

"It's wonderful that they're able to do it and make a dime or two,” Arlington mayor Jim Ross said. “I don't have any issues with that.  It's just I'm a cowboy fan and I'm going to go to the game if I can make it."

"Any option that they give me to sell a ticket or offers, absolutely not,” Enfiajian said. “No way. No how. I'm a diehard fan."

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