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Cowboys, Medal of Honor Museum Hope to ‘Bring People Together'

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From a stadium with art displays in Arlington to a shiny commercial development in Frisco, the family that owns the Dallas Cowboys always makes a mark. But the next big reveal, they believe, can unite the U.S. -- and Jerry Jones’ daughter is at the helm.

"We are so proud of The Star, we're proud of the stadium but we are probably most proud of what they actually represent,” Charlotte Jones said.

Big and bold is the way the Jones family has run the Dallas Cowboys for over three decades and now everyone is watching.

“When you go out to the stadium and there are almost 100,000 people there, they are so anxious to get out and celebrate with each other, that is the beauty of our game, and we have the ability to bring people together,” Jones said.

Uniting the country is what Jones, who runs the Cowboys’ brand, said she hopes to achieve.

She chairs the National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation which will sit in Arlington and pay tribute to the servicemen and women who hold the Medal of Honor, the highest award for valor in combat.

“I have been asked the question, ‘Why now?’ This project has been a thought for some time. But I almost think it needed to happen now with the situation in our country with this intense divisiveness,” Jones said.

All living presidents are on board. The museum’s focus is on patriotism and those who make the ultimate sacrifice.

“They are doing it so that we can live in a country we are proud of, so we can seek the American dream and so we can be the best of who we are as a country and as individuals that come together to make a community. They are doing that for us and it's about time we say thank you in a really big way,” Jones said.

Helping Jones lead the effort is former Navy Seal and NASA astronaut, Chris Cassidy, the museum’s president and CEO.

“The medal transcends all politics, all differences of opinion. It's about the United States of America and what we stand for the country and that's what I think is so special. When you come down to it, it is the character of the person that selflessly took that action that many people wouldn't do,” Cassidy said.

With the Cowboys in the spotlight and the success of the team, Jones says they have an opportunity to unite.

“We are enjoying an incredible amount of success visibility, particularly right now with viewership and interest being at an all-time high and if we can take those eyeballs and move them over to the museum and really talk about what brings us together and what unifies us as a country and to be able to honor these incredible stories and tell them across the country. Boy, there's nothing greater than that,” Jones said.

The National Medal of Honor Museum breaks ground in early 2022.

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