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22-Year-Old Becomes Grand Prairie's Youngest Council Member

Junior Ezeonu says he is driven to serve

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From college graduation at UTA in May, to city council, 22-year-old Junior Ezeonu is Grand Prairie's youngest council member to date.

“I have always wanted to get involved in municipal government, local politics, local government, since I was a child because I’m an immigrant. I was born in Nigeria, moved to the states at the age of 2-years-old. Something that was instilled in me at a young age is to give back to others that gave so much to you,” said Ezeonu.

He tells NBC 5 he had not planned on running this soon but was encouraged to get into the race.

He is one of two new Black members, the first elected since the 1990s.

Ezenow grew up in Arlington and moved to Grand Prairie in 2015. He talked about some of what he hopes to accomplish.

“That is something I am really big on, is giving a voice to those that don't have one but while also remembering those that do have a voice, and just trying to bring the entire city together,” he added.

We asked what he thinks is the biggest challenge facing the city.

“I think more so than a challenge, it’s an opportunity. How to utilize our diversity and our talented people,” said Ezeonu.

He has already made an impression at city hall.

“I have been impressed with both him and our other new councilmember Kurt Johnson. They really have come in and said 'Hey, we want to listen first, we want to learn, we want to get acclimated and then that way we can better serve,'” said Steve Dye, Deputy City Manager and Chief Operating Officer for Grand Prairie.

Listening is a big part of his plans. Ezeonu said he plans to be out in the community and in his seat for every meeting.

“It is a blessing. I can’t even put it into words. Honestly, I still can't believe it, and I just thank God, and I thank the residents of Grand Prairie for giving me this opportunity,” said Ezeonu.

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